We offer an array of services for you and your dog.

All Heart Dog Care is the vacation destination for your pup when you’re out of town. We’ll host your dog at our home where they’ll play with other dogs, get tons of walks with the “pack”, and even a bit of training on the way. Bring us your food and we’ll ensure their diet stays the same.

We’ve had success training some of the toughest dogs around. Our philosophy is to help you build a healthy relationship with your dog, ensuring you and your dog speak the same language. You will feel more in control of your dog and we will help your dog get along better with others as well. We strongly believe there’s no such thing as a “hopeless” or “crazy” dog. Every dog has great potential.

Take a ride with Abie, his skateboard and his pack of dogs through the hills of Jerusalem! When a dog runs as part of a pack, they feel mentally fulfilled and will come home with a feeling of accomplishment. You’ll find your tired dog is more obedient and open to listening to you.

Is there anything specific you want to work on with your dog? Train him to come when you call? Not to sit on the couch? Stop munching on your shoes? We can help!

We will help you pick out the right dog for you and your family. We can identify potential future issues and sense the dog’s energy and personality. We will accompany you on your visit to the shelter or breeder.

Nuki - primping and preening your pooch for more than 25 years in Jerusalem. 02-678-1839 Yehoshua Ben Nun 35